5 great ideas to customise your car

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5 great ideas to customise your car

At some point of time we can get bored of our car if it has the same colour for a long time. Well, you might not know that customising your car can be easier than you might have thought it was. Here are 5 great ideas to help you customise your car and make it stand out of the crowd:

  1. Headlights: Your car headlights can be customised with LED, which does not cost much. You can also change the shape, colour and look of your headlight.
  2. Fog Lights & Fog Light Upgrades: Fog lights are usually an easy upgrade for some cars. If they don’t have them usually there’s a place for them in the front bumper. If you do have them, you can upgrade the light bulbs to a different type of light or colour, to change the look of your car.
  3. Windshield wipers: You can add an accent colour to your vehicle by using coloured windshield wipers. They come in different styles and colours to upscale your car’s coolness factor.
  4. Vinyl Wrapping: With vinyl wrapping, you can give a new colour to your car. This wrapping can be pulled off later when you get bored of it. Vinyl wrapping is better than spray paint because it does not damage the first layer of paint on your car. Its main purpose is to protect the car’s original paint.
  5. Tinted windows: Tinting your car windows is a cheap way to make your car look classy and modern. Apart from upgrading its look, tinted windows can also give you the benefit of privacy in your car.

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