A guide to different window tint films

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A guide to different window tint films

Window tint films are applied to the windows of vehicles, homes or offices. Window films are an inexpensive, attractive and convenient way of improving the quality of your interior space. They also offer a range of other great benefits such as: reducing glare, ensuring privacy and keeping you cool in summer. If you are considering window tinting, then here is some more information about three main types of window film available.

1. Metallised film

Metallised film boasts a high performance, rejecting as much as 84% of heat and keeping your car or room cool during summer. Metallised window film also creates a shiny, mirror-like appearance from the outside. This is particularly beautiful when added to office buildings or skyscrapers, as when passers-by look up across large spans of tinted glass, the higher reflectivity will reflect and blend into the sky. This gives a wonderful clean and crisp look that stands the test of time.

2. Carbon window tint film

Carbon window tinting film is black and matte finished, providing a chic look for windows. While regular carbon tint isn’t very effective, nano hybrid carbon, on the other hand, offers excellent performance. This new technology can almost achieve metallised film performance for heat rejection. It’s a great tint option for most modern vehicles that have antennas built into the rear screen, as they do not interfere with the radio signal like metallised films do.

3. Ceramic film

Ceramic window tinting also utilises nano technology and can offer extremely high performance for both domestic, commercial and automotive windows. This film is far more neutral in appearance and has a subtle appearance on glass to maximise your viewing clarity.
The window tint you choose is completely dependent on what you want to achieve. Whether you want to maximise your view with a natural tint or prioritise energy savings and heat rejection, we can find a tint for you.
If you’re struggling to choose the right tint for your windows, contact the Brisbane window tinting experts today.

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