Car Paint Protection

Are you looking for car paint protection?

Look no further. At 1300 Get Tint in Brisbane our Crystal Serum Ultra is the best ceramic treatment on the market. Crystal Serum Ultra keeps your vehicle’s paint looking like new, but better than that, you get that showroom glossy finish every time you wash your car.

Enjoy minimal maintenance with Crystal Serum Ultra car paint protection, no waxing or polishing required, it’s already done! Just wash and go.

Save time and energy with Crystal Serum Ultra; your car can be washed and dried in just 15 minutes – too easy! You might be asking, how? The reason it’s so quick is that Crystal Serum Ultra offers minimal surface tension for dirt and grime to stick to, it just wipes off like a non-stick pan!

car paint protection

 Car Paint Protection never looked so good

Crystal Serum Ultra will prolong that beautiful ‘new car look’, year after year.

By creating a chemical bond to the existing clear coat, Crystal Serum Ultra sets a flexible (7H) base with a (10H) top surface, providing exceptional resistance to chemical and abrasive damage. If for any reason you want to remove our Crystal Serum Ultra, it can only be removed by a professional.

We know that Crystal Serum Ultra is the best protective Nano Ceramic Treatment on the market, and the manufacturers have backed this up with their 9-year warranty!

Enjoy maximum car paint protection; your paint will be able to withstand even the strongest wash chemicals and droppings!

The science

The secret to Crystal Serum Ultra’s performance is it’s ground breaking introduction of a further 7nm nanoparticle alongside the existing 20nm particle, increasing the ratio of crosslinkers, that reinforces and thickens the top layer of coating.

Not quite sure what that means? It means you are getting access to the best car paint protection technology on the market.

However, for even more car paint protection there is PPF!

PPF stands for Paint Protective Film, and it is exactly that, a film.  PPF is a thick, clear film, you have the choice of gloss or matte finish with self-healing properties! That’s right minor scratches disappear!

PPF withstands more than just scratches, it can handle impacts that would otherwise leave stone chips and minor indentations. Imagine not worrying about the paint damage you can sustain from flying gravel/sand and small stones at race day, your sports car can come back from track day in-tact.

PPF is extremely durable offering outstanding protection for your investment.  It’s even removable should it sustain major damage, and best of all its almost invisible!

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