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The benefits of car window tinting in Brisbane

Not only does car tinting improve the look of your vehicle, but it blocks harmful UV rays from entering your car when you’re driving. This protects you and your skin from damage, while protecting your car’s interior from fading or deterioration. Car window tinting is also a great way to improve cabain temperature of your vehicle thereby improving passenger comfort.

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Car tinting can also help make car accidents less dangerous. As the window film covers your entire window, the film will act as a bandage when your glass shatters or breaks during an accident. The film will hold the glass shards together, protecting you and your drivers from glass-related injuries.

Window tinting can also increase your privacy. With car window tinting you can reduce the visibility from the outside in, making it harder for prying eyes to see inside. Without being able to see what’s in your car, a thief is far less likely to break in and steal your valuables.

Ensure your car window tinting is compliant

Before selecting your tint, make sure it adheres to the regulations of your local transport department. In Queensland, tint film applied to the driver and passenger front windows must result in a light transmittance factor of no less than 35%(T35) and no less than 20% ( T20 ) for rear windows. Front Windscreen tinting is not legal, however a glare strip is legal. It can protrude down to the AS1 mark if present and down to the highest arc of the windscreen wiper if the AS1 mark is not present.

Looking for professional car window tinting in Brisbane?

Whether you’re looking to improve the appearance of your car, increase your privacy or protect you and your car from the sun, then car window tinting can help. 1300 Get Tint offers a variety of tint options for cars and other vehicles. If you’re interested in getting your car windows professionally tinted, contact us for more information, or apply for a free quote.

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