DIY Tint

So you’ve decided to DIY tint the windows in your home?

At 1300 Get Tint, we understand if you’d rather do your own tint job. That’s why we offer a specialised DIY window tint service, so you can tint your home windows your self. Simply select your preferred window film and give us the measurements (width and height) of the windows in your home you wish to tint, and we’ll cut the film for you.

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We’ll help you choose the tools you need and package it together in a kit for you to take away. While every DIY tint kit will differ, most will include window film, an application solution, cleaning cloth, cutter and application squeegee.

While DIY window tinting can be a great way to save money, it’s important that you do it right to ensure you get a quality finish. Before commencing, ensure you discuss the best installation methods with one of our qualified tinting professionals. We’ll walk you through the key steps in detail, including thorough cleaning, rough cutting, peeling liner, installation, squeegeeing and trimming to size.

Looking for quality DIY window tint kits?

If you’re looking to do some DIY tinting, then visit our Brisbane store. We customize our DIY window tint kits to suit every home and offer friendly advice on the best tinting methods.

If you’d prefer a professional to take care of your window tinting, then give us a call. Our qualified window tinters offer flawless window tinting for cars, homes and offices, so you can enjoy the benefits of high quality tinting, without the hassle of applying it your self.

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