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While many people tint their car windows, they often forget that you can tint the windows of your office or home. Window tinting in residential or commercial buildings is great way to save money, keep cool and increase your street appeal cost-effectively. In commercial applications, a HVAC improvement of > 20% is readily achievable.

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In most offices or commercial buildings there are generally large expanses of glass which can lead to increased heat, annoying glare and a lack of privacy. Large buildings cost a lot to cool down and large windows only make the issue worse.

If you want to protect your staff from harmful UV rays, improve productivity and keep your energy costs low, then office tinting is a great solution to reduce glare and heat gain. Office window tinting will give your staff more privacy from onlookers and reduce outside glare. By choosing a stylish tint you can make your building stand out from the crowd whilst extending the service life of your AC Unit.

Window tinting is also a great solution for homes. During the summer,Brisbane residents often battle with keeping their home cool. While air conditioning is a great way to keep cool, it’s extremely inefficient. By tinting your home’s windows, you can reduce internal temperatures for a lot less and prevent damaging UV rays from entering your home. Keep cool easily, reducing running costs of AC units and Save money on power bills. In fact, the savings quickly add up and pay for the cost of the tinting!

Home tinting is also a great way to give you and your family more privacy. By putting tinting in windows facing the street, you can go about your day to day business without worrying about prying eyes. Window tinting can also improve the look of your home, while improving its resale value or rental returns.

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1300 Get Tint specialize in both home and office window tinting. With a range of shades to choose from, you can get your Brisbane home or office looking great, while increasing your privacy and reducing your energy bill. If you’re interested in any of our window tinting services, then give a call on 1300 Get Tint. Our number’s in the name!

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