How does rust harm your car, can it be prevented?

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How does rust harm your car, can it be prevented?

Also referred to as oxidization, rust happens when water and air chemically come into contact and react with uncovered iron metals. As we live in Brisbane, a region which is close to the sea, our cars are more susceptible to damages caused by rust. This is because salt rapidly hastens the chemical process that leads to rusting. Here are a few ways how rust can damage your car:

  1. Exterior Damage: When your car’s paintwork damages from chips, scratches, or even tree sap and acidic animal wastes, the metal gets exposed and the rusting process starts. Rust damages should be repaired as soon as they occur to prevent them from spreading and damaging the appearance of your vehicle.
  2. Car Floor: Our car floors can be subject to rusting if we put back the car mats before it dries up after a car It is advised to wait until the car floor is completely dry, otherwise the dampness will react with the air and lead to rusting and this can eat up your car’s floor.
  3. Underside: The underside of our car faces a great risk of rust damage. This part of our car is exposed to soil, water, dirt and various other types of debris and chemicals. Damage to the underside can often lead to oil and fuel leakages. This can be prevented by applying a coat of liquid rust treatment.
  4. Engine Damage: If the water drains and channels of your car don’t function properly due to clogging, it may spill to the engine and lead to rusting. Rust can eat away the metallic part of the engine compartment, weaken the exhaust system, and damage the trunk region. This may lead to air leaks that result in the trunk being susceptible to water leaks.


How can rusting be prevented?

A small spot of rust can spread out quickly and eat up the metallic parts of your car. You should treat rust spots as soon as you see it to prevent expensive damages. Your car paint can also corrode very easily since Brisbane is situated near sea. You can protect your car from rusting by contacting 1300 Get Tint. Our rust protection for your car will keep it looking as good as new at all times.

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