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Rust protection will keep your car, 4WD, ute, van or trailer rust-free

Car rust protection is a great way to prevent or reduce the occurrence of rust on your vehicle. While car paint is resistant to rust, overtime even the most well-maintained cars can develop rust. In fact, due to the high humidity in Brisbane, cars can develop rust even if they’re kept undercover.That’s why car rust protection is so important.

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While all cars are susceptible to rust, there are certain conditions that can increase the chances of rust development. Vehicles that are parked near the ocean are at a higher risk of developing rust due to their contact with salt in the air. Cars that have dents or scratches are also at increased risk as moisture can reach the bare metal underneath and begin rusting. Likewise, off-road vehicles and cars that aren’t parked undercover are at a higher risk of developing rust due to their increased contact with water and or salt.

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Rust forms because of three elements,free-electrons, moisture and oxygen.If any of these are absent, rust cannot form.At 1300 Get Tint, we offer Rust Stop, a world leader in high quality electronic rust protection. The anodes (rust magnets) in the system are positively charged which attract the negatively charged free-electrons away from the vehicle and towards the anodes, which corrode rather than the vehicle.

Whether your car is undercover, or exposed to the elements, our car rust protection service is a great way to prolong the life of your car. If you want professional rust protection for your vehicle, then call 1300 Get Tint. We offer electronic rust protection for a range of cars and vehicles.

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