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We take the hassle out of buying security film

Window tint for security reasons, is called security film, it is sometimes referred to as security tint.

Window safety and security can be as important in homes as it can be for commercial premises. Not all glass shatters safely, which can be dangerous if a person falls through it, not even considering how far they will fall and what they might land on. At Tint Mart, we have security film that can bring windows up to code for safety regulations, without the need for expensive re-glazing.

Our security tint service is ideal for making any float glass window tough enough to withstand intentional and accidental breakage. For home day care and child care facilities, we can bring non-compliant windows up to Australian safety standards at a significant cost alternative to replacing windows.

We also offer a complete window tinting service for Car TintHome Tint, and Office Tint which can assist in:

  • Reduce cooling/heating costs
  • Enhancing aesthetics
  • UV Protection
  • Glare Reduction

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Our tint film products offer a natural (clear) look right through to dark windows.

If you live in an area with no access to a professional tint shop, we offer a DIY Tint service. With any DIY tint, we cannot offer a guarantee but, we can give you some basic instructions and advice. We will cut tint film or security film to size and ship it to you anywhere in Australia.

Tint mart can help you with window tint and security film

Our prices may be competitive, but our service, products, and workmanship are the highest possible.

We have security film strong enough to withstand flying projectiles and even bullets. When security is paramount, trust only an expert! We can help you protect your property from extreme weather, bomb blasts, forced entry, and accidental impact.

Tint Mart are independent operators, we source only the best quality security film available on the market. The security film we use is manufactured using the most technically advanced facilities in the industry.

Call our Sumner Park based office for any enquirers and quotes. We have a fully mobile service that operates throughout Brisbane, serving private and commercial clients.

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