What is a security window film and why do I need it?

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What is a security window film and why do I need it?

A security film is a film that is stuck on your car window or home windows to prevent shards of flying glass from injuring occupants if the window breaks. Causes of breakage can include forced entry, hail storms and stones ricocheting off the road. Security window film encapsulates the glass, so the glass doesn’t shatter into small pieces.
Here are five reasons why it is important for you to have security window films installed in your homes by professionals:

Protection during storms

The area around Brisbane and Gold Coast is prone to violent storms which can cause breakage of window glasses. Whether it’s hail falling from the sky or pieces of debris blown into your windows, a security window film will make sure that the shattered glass sticks to the film instead of spreading and risking injury.

Protection from forced entry

When thieves are looking for a way into you home or car they are looking for the quickest and simplest route. Most of the time, this is by breaking a window. If a burglar tries to access your home through the window, the security film will not only stop the glass from shattering, but also prevent easy access to your home or car.

Protection from debris

When you’re driving stones and other debris can fly up from the wheels of other cars and hit your windscreen. This can be extremely dangerous for both the driver and passengers. A security film will catch any shards of glass and prevent injury.
At Tint Mart, we have a range of security films. Our security tint service is ideal for making any float glass window tough enough to withstand intentional and accidental breakage without the need for expensive re-glazing. Contact our Sumner Park based office for enquires and quotes.

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